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Hint: Unlock Cheats:
Cheats are naturally unlocked when 100 fireflies in each level are collected.

Yu-Gi-Oh: Dawn of Destiny

Cheat: Free Rare Cards:
Enter the following names to receive the corresponding cards.
Tri-Horn Dragon Card: GOD OF CARDS
Cosmo Queen Card: KONAMI
Zera the Mant Card: XBOX

Cheat: Use Opponent's Decks:
Beat every opponent in triple duel mode and hold X at the opponent selection screen in single duel mode.

Hint: Alternate Backgrounds:
In the main menu highlight single or triple duel and press X. The background will change to an unlocked card.


Cheat List:
Level select - create a profile named lvl.activate 1 to unlock all levels.

Extra continues - create a profile named set MAXCNT 9 for nine continues per level.

Full database - create a profile named data.setvis 1 to unlock all ships in the database.


Hint: Better sniping accuracy:
When in sniper mode, zoom in. To steady yourself for greater accuracy, sit there and do not touch anything to look or move for about five secounds or until he stops moving around. You can now
look around with perfect dead aim accuracy.

Hint: Ubisoft logo:
When you first start the FBI level, immediately after the woman shoots out your cuffs, go to the center of the room with the three computers. You will find the Ubisoft logo acting as a screensaver.

X2: Wolverines Revenge

All Cerebro Files and Movies:
On the main menu, press X, L, X, L, X, X, R, and then L.

All Costumes:
On the main menu, press X, L, X, L, X, X, L, R.

Cheats Option:
On the main menu, press X, X, L, L, L, L, X, X, L. The cheats option should now be available when the game is paused.

Level Select and All Challenges:
On the main menu, press X, L, X, L, X, L, L, R.

Master Cheat:
On the main menu, press X, L, X, L, X, X, L, R, X, L, X, L, X, X, L, and then R.

Unlock Everything:
To unlock everything in the game, including level select, press X, L, X, L, X, X, L, R, X, L, X, L, X, X, L, R at the title screen. (An alternate code is X, L, X, L, X, X, L, R, X, L, X, X, L, R.) Make sure Level Select appears at the main menu to confirm entry.

X-Men: Next Dimension

Master Cheat Unlock:
Go to the main menu and HOLD L and press Right, Right, left, Left, Down, Up, B.

Get Dark Phoenix:
Beat Arcade Mode using Phoenix

Get Bishop:
Beat Arcade Mode using Gambit

Get Psylocke:
Beat Arcade Mode using Betsy

Get Bastion:
Finish Story Mode using Magneto without losing any matches. You should fight Bastion. Defeat him to unlock him (keep in mind you only have one chance if lose you will have to do the whole story over)

Get Bishop:
Beat Arcade Mode using Gambit

Get Blob:
Beat Arcade Mode using Bishop

Get Sentinel A:
Beat Arcade Mode using Cyclops

Get Character's 3rd Costume:
Beat Story mode using any character

Get Character's 6th Costume:
Beat 10 characters in time attack mode using any character in under 15 minutes

Get Character's 7th Costume:
Use team mode and fight with 8 characters. Defeat the entire opponent team by only using 2 or more of your characters to unlock the 7th costume for the characters you used
Wolverine gets his original yellow/blue/black costume.
Phoenix gets a red/gold costume similar to Dark Phoenix.
Juggernaut, Gambit, and Psylocke get a costume similar to their comic book original.
Beast gets a blue costume with a yellow X on his chest, and he also has a helmet.

Various End Sequences:
Using story mode can result in these different endings

Magneto Victory Ending - Defeat Bastion using Magneto

Phoenix Victory Ending - If you lose the Magneto vs Bastion fight you can fight
Phoenix vs Bastion

Secret Ending - Get a PERFECT victory in the Phoenix vs Bastion fight and you will
unlock Dark Phoenix

WWF Raw is War

Unlock All Wrestlers:
Go to the character edit and type "greatest" for name and exit out.Go to exhibition and when you pick your wrestlers you will have every hidden wrestlers.

Unlock WCW superstars:
While at the options screen type in this password "WWF RULES!!!" make sure there are three exclamation points or it won't work.
Or if you want to unlock indivisual wrestlers then type these in.

Hurricane Helms: Stand back!
Lance Storm: Serious!
Mighty Molly: Golly Gosh!
Shane McMahon: Which way!
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: No!
Kurt Angle: It's true!
Test and Booker T: T&T